“I am a client of Katie DeVier’s for Pilates. She has been an instructor for my daughter Colleen and I twice a week for three months now.
Katie is a patient, enthusiastic person who knows Pilates extremely well. She challenges us to learn the exact positions and movements very precisely in order to gain a correct knowledge of Pilates exercises as well as greater fitness and coordination.

I have attended Pilates classes in several cities world wide and have known several instructors. Katie is by far the best Pilates instructor I’ve ever had. Add to this a warm, friendly personality!
I highly recommend Katie DeVier as an excellent Pilates instructor.”

Mary Jo Harrison

“I LOVE Absolute Pilates. Gretchen is a great instructor and really takes her time working with clients. You can tell she really loves what she does. I was a little nervous when I went there as I had never done Pilates before. Additionally, I was quite out of shape, but Gretchen took it slow and made me feel at ease.  I’ve been working with Gretchen for a few months now, I’ve gained a ton of strength and my back feels much better! I highly recommend Pilates, especially Absolute Pilates!”

Chad Baker

“I have been taking Pilates at Absolute Pilates for over 3 years. I take private sessions from Gretchen, the owner, and she’s simply put, amazing. She really does want to see her clients improve their body, mind and spirit. Gretchen and Pilates have had such a huge and positive impact on my life and I’m forever grateful! If you’re wanting to try Pilates, this is certainly the place to go.”

Dana White

“After back and knee surgery I still have recurring pain and stiffness.  I was seeing another instructor at another studio but it seemed that I was not getting results.  In fact, at times I had increased pain.  My physical therapist recommended I see Gretchen at Absolute Pilates, as she takes a personal interest in helping clients like me.  Since seeing Gretchen I have gotten stronger abs, and overall strength in a very short period of time.  Plus I have not had any recurring pain issues.  Gretchen is experienced, professional, compassionate, encouraging and a delight to work with and the Studio is a friendly, clean, positive environment.”

Debbie Laughlin

“I moved to Nashville 3 1/2 years ago and started Pilates in a large group setting at the community exercise center in Maryland Farms. I chose Pilates because of my high travel job and needed to stretch out my aching back! While I enjoyed it, I was continually plagued with injuries from a lack of personal attention to my form – not to mention the frustration of overcrowded classes.

I decided to join Absolute Pilates a few months later and am a HUGE fan. Small classes and personal attention are essential to preventing injuries and getting results! I have finally been able to get my body in the shape that I have been trying to get for years! I am now 15 lbs. thinner, have no aches and pains in my back and have Gretchen and the Absolute Pilates team to thank for their inspiration and dedication to my health and fitness goal!”

Lori VanderBoegh
Member of Absolute Pilates

“Pilates has changed my life. It has completely redefined my workout routine. I feel stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before. I highly recommend it!”

Melissa Beckham

“I’ve enjoyed taking these classes a lot. I feel better about the type of exercise I get during my work week and love the core strengthening that’s Pilates.”

Jeanne Kahan

“Pilates is the only form of exercise I haven’t dreaded. I love it! Gretchen is a fun instructor and every class is a stress reliever. Thanks Gretchen, for inspiring me.”

Nicole Alford

“I enjoy Pilates more than any other exercise program I have ever tried. I have actually stayed committed to it for over a year and feel no desire to change to something else. Gretchen is a great instructor. I have increased my muscle tone and have become more flexible. I have also found jump to be a great addition to the Pilates.”

Alicia Barrett-Kidder

“After seeing a number of orthopedic doctors about some old sports injuries that were acting up, and facing the prospect of surgery, a back specialist recommended I try Pilates to strengthen my core and take some of the pressure off my back. Having frequented Absolute Pilates years ago, and knowing the expertise of the instructors led by the owner Gretchen Johnson, I knew exactly where to go. I must admit to being somewhat surprised by my doctors recommendation as I had been an avid yogi, taking 4-6 classes a week for many years. I thought my core strength was already at least above average. However, I would try anything to relieve the back pain I was experiencing at that point. It wasn’t long before I saw a major improvement in my core strength and alleviation of my back pain. At my last physical my doctor commented on the muscle tone of my midsection. Another benefit has been an improvement in my yoga practice as I have more of a connection with my core in yoga poses. I have tried other Pilates studios,  mat classes and tower classes at numerous fitness centers and Y’s, trust me they don’t compare. Absolute Pilates is the real deal, with the most knowledgeable instructors I have found anywhere. Try it, and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. I know for me personally, it continues to be one of the best investments in my health and well being I have ever made.”

Hank Parrott

“With Gretchen’s professional and extremely knowledgeable training, she has completely cured a severe neck problem that I had. Pilates has strengthened my back and abs, increased my confidence, and improved my posture. I highly recommend Absolute Pilates to anyone who wants (to add) definition and strength to their body or to anyone who suffers from back or neck problems.”

Cherryn Wycheck

“After not working out for over ten years, I thought it was hopeless. Pilates with Gretchen has made all the difference. I feel great!”

Clara Priest

“I started Pilates one year ago. I am a 52 year old man, and was feeling the effects of age setting in. I had a hip that was becoming a problem and couldn’t cross my left leg when I sat down. After about one month of working with Pilates, I was putting my shoes back on after a workout and found that I could cross my leg to put my shoe on. I was amazed! Pilates has given me back a dexterity to my whole body that I never want to lose.”

Barry Landis

“I have taken Pilates from Gretchen for many years. You won’t find a more knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring instructor than Gretchen. She really wants her clients to be the best that they can be. She is always thinking of new ways to challenge you and really takes pride in her teaching. Her classes are fun and very effective, which is why I wouldn’t take Pilates anywhere else!”

Beth Lawson

“With Gretchen’s encouraging instruction, Pilates has helped to strengthen and tone my abs. She’s the best.”

Judi Gallagher