Our team has Certified Power Pilates Instructors.

We help our clients see results, stay motivated and are committed to the original work of Joseph Pilates while keeping up with new techniques.

Gretchen Johnson, nashville and brentwood pilates instructor

Gretchen Johnson

Founder & Certified Power Pilates Senior Teacher

Gretchen Johnson, certified Power Pilates Senior Teacher, has actualized her dreams. Born in Nashville, Gretchen has always had a love for exercise and competitive sports. She started gymnastics and moved to competitive cheerleading in high school. After graduating from UT Knoxville, Gretchen ventured to New York City to study Pilates at The Pilates Studio of New York, the most famous Pilates school, following the teaching of Joseph Pilates, the founder of this exercise movement. Gretchen devoted herself to hundreds of hours of school, private lessons, practice hours and testing to become a certified Authentic Pilates teacher in 2003.

Gretchen came back to her hometown to open Absolute Pilates in Brentwood, Tennessee in 2004. Her love for this method of exercise keeps her motivated and her clients see the results in her classes and in their bodies. Gretchen added to her training by completing her Power Pilates Certification in January of 2007, and then again most recently graduated from the Power Pilates Graduate Program in March of 2016 demonstrating advanced knowledge of the Pilates System, the Art of Teaching, and anatomy.

Joanne Coorts

Joanne Coorts

Certified Power Pilates Instructor

Joanne is a Certified Power Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer. Originating from the UK she graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts Degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Following came an extensive professional dance career, working in Musical Theatre shows, Contemporary Dance Companies and in TV, both London and Worldwide. It was at this time she first became introduced to pilates and throughout her dance career has experienced and witnessed its many benefits.  After moving to Nashville, In 2011 she began her 600 hours of training to become a Certified Power Pilates Instructor. She became an Ace Certified Personal Trainer, trained in Active Isolated Stretching and completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Training in 2016.
Katie DeVier

Katie DeVier

Certified Power Pilates Instructor

Katie grew up in Carmel, Indiana, a community very similar to Brentwood/Franklin. She always loved sports growing up, everything from football to gymnastics. She was both a cheerleader and dancer in high school. Katie graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Sciences and a specialty in Speech Pathology. Uncertain about investing in Graduate School, she decided to pursue a career in sales. In 2005 she transferred within the company she worked for to Nashville. This is where Katie’s love for Pilates began.

Katie initially began taking Pilates in 2006 because she wanted a form of exercise that provided getting her heart rate up, toning, and strengthening without bulk. She was instantly hooked based on how her body felt after a Pilates workout and with the results she both saw and felt. For over 10 years Katie was in healthcare sales — pharmaceutical and medical devices. Between all of the driving (roughly 1,000 miles per week), standing for extended periods of time in the operating room, and the everyday stresses that surgeries and chasing a quota entails, Katie’s back and body certainly felt it. Because Pilates is not just a great workout, but also so beneficial for keeping our overall structure healthy, Katie consistently started doing Pilates a couple of times per week. After a few consecutive months, her back and body no longer felt the pain it did before. No pain combined with the results she saw and the core strength she built lead her to consistently do Pilates at Absolute Pilates every week ever since.

After 5 years of toying with the idea of her “dream job” of becoming a Pilates instructor, and the incredible support she received from her husband and fellow Absolute Pilates instructors, Katie pursued training in Atlanta under the highly accredited and extremely impressive Senior Teacher Trainers Davidson Reid and Anne Brendle. Katie is now a Certified Power Pilates Instructor, and looks forward to teaching and sharing her passion with her clients. “My goal is to help my clients achieve the same type of results that I did — alleviate pain, strengthen, tone, and eliminate stress!”

Molly Morrison

Certified Classical Pilates Instructor

Molly is a certified Classical Pilates Instructor, and has always been interested in health and wellness, and truly believes in the power of movement and exercise as preventative medicine. She is a lifelong equestrian, and currently is a professional trainer and instructor, as well as a Pilates teacher. Her riding led her to Pilates as she was struggling to find straightness and strength in her riding position. After just a few sessions, she quickly traded in her traditional riding lessons for Pilates lessons, and became dedicated to the long term journey of strengthening, aligning, and balancing her body. These elements she began to gain not only changed how she rode, but how she moved and felt on the ground. She began to feel strength deeper within her muscles, and felt freer and more controlled in all of her activities. In order to deepen her knowledge of the Pilates method and the body, she started her certification through Romana’s Pilates while in IL, and finished in Nashville through Classical Pilates Education. Her credentials include 800 hours of Pilates training in Classical Pilates and Romana’s Pilates. She also has  B.A. in Biology from University of Mississippi. She now incorporates Pilates into her riding instruction, and continues to study human and horse biodynamics and movement. She enjoys helping other riders and non-riders find balance, strength, and wellness through the Pilates work.